Saturday, August 16, 2008

the end of an era

And so after 28 years it's all over. Our family is giving up the two sofas which saw me through the better part of my life, 93.4% of it to be exact.

The red couches are being replaced by more comfier and springier ones. Frankly when I sit on them it feels like I'm cheating on the old ones. These are the couches that I watched so much TV on.

These are the couches that I watched the better part of most past Olympics, Oscars, Super Bowls, NHL playoffs, Lakers playoff runs, and even the epic TV show ALF. These are the couches where I endured many a scolding/lecture from my parents on. These are the couches that I used to canvas for spare change in order to buy Now-and-Laters from the 7-11 across the street in 4th grade.

So when the dudes from Goodwill come tomorrow morning all those memories will be gone. Even though the arms of the couch were a bit too high and hard...leaving a sleeping head with a painfully sore neck after a few hours of TV (or a nap), you learn to get along with it. I learned to lay in a Fosbury Flop-esque position where I lay my head on the seat area and stretch my legs up and over the back of the couch. Even though it forced my torso to have a 90 degree angle, it just felt right.

So goodbye dear red couches. I can only hope that the next couches will provide as good of a run as you did. The crazy thing is that if I started with a new couch relationship at this age, I'd be 58 years old when their longevity would be equalled.

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