Friday, August 22, 2008

the Don & ordering food

Ah yes another random stroll through the West Village and another random b-grade celeb sighting. Friday night should we see but the Don himself, Don King.

I spotted Don while walking past the the West 4th Street basketball court.

Don is the former boxing promoter of Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson and is the owner of a hairdo that would make those Dolls from like the 80's very proud.

In fact I would argue that the only difference between the two is that Don's hair has always been white (as far as I can remember) and Trolls have their hair come in all colors except white.

Go figure.

Also it could be argued that both of them have corrupted minds and taken money from people in an undeserving manner. Parents should never have bought their kids Trolls. Never.


ZenDenizen said...

Too bad there wasn't a minor bloggerbity sighting in NYC last week!

Oh and what happened to your Textual Seduction post? Kudos on that post title...

Shakes said...

oh do not worry, it's going to come back tomorrow. i delayed it b/c i had some stupid issues with my podcast...yeah sorry i couldn't make it, the whole work thing got in the way.. was there a good turn out?