Tuesday, July 15, 2008

mosquitos & long summer vacations in india as a kid

According to Newsweek it appears that some people are in fact, mosquito magnets. Individual body chemistry can determine the whether mosquitoes are attracted towards you. To most people there is nothing vaguely interesting about this at all ....BUT if you're an Indian kid it's quiite significant. Quite.

Part of the Rite of Passage of being an ABCD is the summer vacation trips to India....for the entire summer....just in time for monsoon season. Along with India and monsoons comes the inevitable mosquito attacks that you would be greeted with every night for the first few nights.

This of course would be remedied by either some lotion thingy or a weird electric device that would warm up strips of anti-bug repellent which sorta looks like one of those electro air freshener thingies. I'm not really that those things work, but I'd rather take my chances with it....and jacking up the A/C on full blast. Mosquitoes don't like cold.

But regardless of protective measures, you'd usually wake up in the morning with a new bump. And each morning of complaints was always met with the same response from an auntie or grandmother: "It's because YOU have sweet blood. THAT's why the mosQUItoes are attracted to you!"

I never questioned what it even meant to have sweet blood, but I always took it to mean that it implied I was a good person. A kind and benevolent king if you will. So basically my whole point is that science has helped prove that all elder people may not be liars...at least due to this one issue.

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ZenDenizen said...

Rite of passage indeed. A summer of mosquito bites, the accompanying fevers, vomiting, teasing about your accent, bad milk with oil floating on top, cold showers in weird bathrooms, bad tv, unfunny movies, no pop music, neighborhood kids telling you that you need to "reduce" even though you already lost 20 lbs from all the said vomiting. Oh wait what were we talking about?