Wednesday, July 23, 2008

it all comes back to being at the cool table in the cafeteria

No matter how old you get, no matter how cool you are, it's difficult to escape some basic human insecurities.

As a kid there was nothing more nerve racking then then getting your food for lunch and then turning around from the counter and surveying all the available tables for a spot to sit at. In a matter of 5-10 seconds you felt as though you were being stripped of your dignity in front of a bellicose crowd who was surely watching your every move, your every hesitation.

...and so fast forward to last Thursday. At an early screening for The Dark Knight (if you saw me on Facebook I'm sure you appreciated my minutely updates) our theatre was bought out by some broker. Thus everyone "invited" was some kid and the Hamptons sharing chums.

Good times.

And while the pre-movie chatter in the theatre consisted of "man I had this long position that was totally killer!" or "man I haven't been short that much gamma since last month!" * ...err...let's just say the equivalent of locker room chatter for traders....there was sensitive underbelly to the thick posturing.

Even at this age, even for these people, the fear of God enters into them when they turn the corner of the theatre entrance and gaze into the crowd looking for their friends and a place to sit.

We may be 30, but we're still in Middle School looking for a place to sit.

*I like to compare that to my guesses as to what he pre-showing chatter was at the normal screenings. More like "ohmygosh, I'm totally dressing up as Hellboy for Halloween" or "I really hope that Hulk II is more believeable!"

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