Tuesday, June 3, 2008

there's a fine line between being a fighter and being a sore loser...

"Hi I'm crazy delusional and won't accept when I've lose something. How are you?"

I'm sorry it's one thing to say that a person needs their own space to quit with grace and it's another thing to be a complete ass and not even acknowledge the guy you lost to made American history.

If the situation was reversed people would look at Barrack as being a sore loser and being very cheap. For some reason it's okay for her to try to blackmail (no pun intended) someone into getting a VP spot.

No offense yo, but giving the VP spot is not about appeasing crazy old ladies now, it's about finding a person you can work with over the next 4 years.

HIllary may win over some Democrats who are enraged now, but it will alienate Independents and Republicans who would've crossed over in November.

Also she's a liar. So you know, you got that too.

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