Thursday, June 26, 2008

sometimes you need to smile

...and sometimes you need to dance. Here's a lovely video which will look corny for the first 20 seconds until you realize what's goin' on...

The video comes from a website called "Where The Hell is Matt" which is about this random guy Matt Harding's travels. In this video Matt wants to dance. A lot. With people. Around the world.

Okay you may now go back to your regular days worth of doom and gloom. But if you can't find it in your heart to smile a little bit after watching the video then I don't want you reading my blog any more.


Asha said...

Thanks for sharing that, Shakes. After a craptastic day at work, this was really nice to watch.

Shakes said...

=) dudette thanks for watching it. i officially give you permission to keep reading my bloggo. i myself have watched the video probably 9 or 10 times now