Saturday, June 21, 2008

desis on the mat: Raj Bhavsar

So I was sitting at home in a state of despair after the Russia/Holland game and by accident I switched to the US Olympic Trials for gymnastics wwhen I spotted Raj Bhavsar. Yes people, a desi in men's gymnastics! Who would've thunk? I didn't even know Indians were allowed to do gymnastics. Even cooler was that he was actually pretty damn good.

At this point I'm supposed to write something goofy or poke fun at someone....which inevitable causes some random shmuck to ask "do you not like the Indians?...but I gotta say it's pretty awesome.

Also he's like pretty ripped, I mean for a guy.

The weird thing is according to the weird gymnastic broadcasters, Raj has been around for a little while (2004 Olympic alternate) and I guess I'd never heard of him before. Even better is seeing his dad cheering in stands.

Hooray beta! Hooray! Oh yeah, and just for the ladies out there, this is the shirtless pose...


ZenDenizen said...

I confess I knew he existed way back because I googled a boy with the same name in 2004.

Shakes said...

in india they have a name for people like you...stalker

Tayler said...

I just discovered him in the 2008 Olympics and WOW. Very hot, and a great gymnast.
But he's too old for me T_T