Monday, June 30, 2008

Bobby Jindal has made the big time

My newest favorite show is "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" on MSNBC. It's sorta like the yang to the Fox News right wing yang. Amongst its daily segments, one of the funnier ones is his "World's Worst Person."

Alas the great brown hope Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, won....errr...was in the running last night, as nearly received the honor last night. Jindal said that since Katrina there were no oil spills since then. This was deemed to be one of the great hidden successes.

Sadly Booby was a little bit wrong. The EPA mentioned that 124 offshore spills, including 44 of them in Southeast Lousiana.

Now the reason Olberman is probably targeting Jindal (real name Piyush) is because Bobby has been seen as a potential long shot VP candidate for McCain....and as a Democrat Olbermann doesn't mind shooting down Republicans on his show.

Insightful blog post, maybe? Lame reason to mention the seemingly oddest desi on the American scene since Reggie Benjamin? Absolutely.

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