Wednesday, May 7, 2008

KIA sponsors the NBA MVP?

Even more remarkable is check out the amazing disappearing act of this KIA representative prior to Game 2 of the Lakers/Jazz

10:36pm EST
Prior to the game at the award ceremony you can see the dude..the white standing next to Kobe.

10:36pm EST
Seconds later we find out a valuable piece of info: the white guy's name is Tim Chaney, KIA's Director of Marketing

10:36pm EST
...Then comes a quick video montage. It's poignant yet powerful. Whoever made this thing must have slaved over their PC for dozens of minutes to put this together. The use of a heavy metal soundtrack really captures the spirit. It's akin to Monet's impressionist paintings of France

10:37pm EST
...and Blammo! After literally one minute the KIA guy magically disappears and turns into... the Commish David Stern!

Now that's a fire! Those Korean marketers I tell ya', with their magic and transmogrifing and whatnot.


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