Friday, May 16, 2008

I think Rick Ross was my taxi dispatcher at Newark Airport last weekend

Why do people goto the bathroom the moment they get on the plane? What kinda fucked up logic is that? "Hey I'm gonna sit in a limited capacity flying steel tube...I could either goto the bathroom where there is more space or I can fuck up the bathroom on the plane for no reason before it even takes off.

It's like don't you even bother to think? Now because of your dumbness the people in the back rows get to smell the lovely toilets...err... lavoratories. Also why do they use the term "lavoratory" on planes? They never use that term anywhere else? Is there some psychological study saying that people can't handle sea level terms such as "restroom," "bathroom," or "tatti bin" while in the air?

In case you weren't paying attention it was a rhetorical question.


Kishan said...

Do people really go to the restroom in planes before it takes off?? I never witnessed it or probably did not pay enough attention. It is weird thought that anybody want to do that..

I hate using the restrooms in flights (either while on land or in air)and try to avoid to as much as possible.

I never heard the term "tatti-bin" before..makes me cringe..

Shakes said...

the worst part about the aero-shitting experience is that the bowl is too small and people can't aim right during bumpy rides. I mean peple can't aim right in public bathrooms on the ground

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