Thursday, April 3, 2008

Weekend Review

Friend: "How was your trip?"

Me: "Trip was just awesome. Landed in Manchester at 6am, and didn't sleep until 8:30am on Sunday - jet lag and all. Paintballing in mid-shin deep mud and shit (no literally) and pouring rain for 5hrs, clubbing, a trip to the Emergency Room as one guy in the group got punched and broke his jaw and passed out and started bleeding from the head at like 4am. He had to get staples in his head." [editor's note: see picture to the right]

"The Everton/Liverpool match was intense especially since I was sitting in the Away stands with Everton (see news article below) , and made a mad dash to the train station for a 3.5hr ride back to London where drunk Liverpool fans sung the whole way back. Got to bed at 2am after playing an hour of Wii Tennis. Woke up at 5:30am to catch a cab to Heathrow. 53 hours, 7 hours of sleep."

from the The Telegraph
Before kick-off, a banner was unfurled in the visitors' end at Anfield which read: "Everton FC welcomes all Liverpool fans to Merseyside."

From the Kop came a quick and throaty response: "F*** off to Kirkby, the city is ours," a sarcastic reference to their guests' proposed relocation to the suburbs.

Back came the Everton followers with an ugly tirade about the home life of Steven Gerrard. To which the home supporters let rip with an intemperate chant concerning Joleon Lescott's appearance.

Welcome, then, to the City of Culture derby, a local spat played in what became at the turn of the year Europe's official capital of the arts. It is always a robust exchange, this one

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