Thursday, April 24, 2008

other funny people, Dettol, & death

As it turns out, I'm not the only funny person who happens to possess a lush coat of brown skin color. From time to time I get people who write to me asking me to read their blogs and here is one of my recent faves.
Stuff Desis Like - This site is spot on about many observations, whether it's that desis love Niagara Falls or desi tax consultants. (thanks Azad for this tip)

Desis 101 - We are a simple but complicated people. This website will help you understand us.
For example we enjoy talking about our tracts. It is what it is. I don't provide any opinions, I don't make any apologies. I'm just a reporter of facts.
One day I'm sure both site will hit upon the idea that no matter what social, technological, and cultural advances occur in India, there still is nothing better than Dettol soap. I say this of course with first hand (no pun intended) experiences over the past few days while I've been in India and refreshed my love affair with the cleaning product

For all the problems and ill consequences that colonialism has wrought upon former Third World countries, Dettol is a shining example of what can go right.

Of course much like heroin and Elmer's glue sniffing all good things are to be done in moderation. In 2007 Jacques Niemand "cleaned himself to death." While it's not clear how the OCD suffering Englishman OD'd from Dettol, he is known to "habitually placed buckets of Dettol around his flat."

I think I can safely say that children everywhere are both rejoicing and horrified. On one hand they can now refute their parental unit's requests to "wash-up" because of these potential consequences....but on the other hand maybe it means that all parents are trying to kill their kids. Particularly around meal time and after playing outside in mud...exactly when kids are weakest.

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