Friday, April 25, 2008

kidnapped !!!

Last night I was kidnapped by a random sardarji (guy wearing a turban). He forced me and my friends to go to another club and dance to 80s music. He was like his late 40s but seems like a nice fellow. Or perhaps that's just my Stockholm Syndrome kicking in.

He was a friend of a friend of my cousins (all good stories begin with such close connections) and at about 1:30am at a club he appeared along with this dude, Gary Lawyer a C-grade singer. Jay
(as the turbanator was named) then said "okay we're going to Polyester (another club) and so who is coming in the cab?" After goofing around a bit at the club Jay picked me and forced me to go. Remember again, I've never met this guy ever before in my life. I tried to call my cousin and her friends in their car following us and he said "If you text them I'll take your phone and punch you!....have ever been kidnapped before?"

All in good fun of course.

After repeatedly yelling at our cabbie to drive faster and faster we made it across town in record time and caught the club just in time to dance to "Blue Monday" and "Like A Player." * The extra highlight was that I was ordering a drink from the bar and before I paid and looked for Jay and yelled "Hey you've kidnapped me so you have to pay for the drinks." Jay, who at this point had about 5 drinks too many looked over and said "yeah, that makes sense actually."

When he spotted my Kingfisher was only half empty on the counter he ordered me to drink it...which I replied, "but we've got to keep some remaining for all our fallen soldiers and friends who can't be here tonight"

Great line, if I do say so myself, I'm not sure where I pulled that one out of but it worked. And ultimately I ended up getting home in one piece. Just another night in Bombay.

*I didn't pay for the cab ride either for two reasons, (1) he was older than me, (2) he was kidnapping me... I actually told him "Kidnappees don't pay for anything"

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surya said...

haha. i need to get back to india this year!