Sunday, April 20, 2008

Greetings from Madras (Chennai)

Land of 1000 degrees (doesn't really matter if its in Celsius or Fahrenheit, it's still hotter than a mofo).

The pic on the right is with my cousin. One thing which is clear to me, A/C's are essential parts of life. The funny thing is that A/C's in hot and humid areas creates the strange desi heat paradox. On one hand you're too hot without it on, on the other it's often times so blisteringly cold that you feel the need to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants to stay warm.

Oh desis!

This of course leads to the next problem. When you're at some function (notice the use of the term "function", quite a key one) do you stand inside and get frozen or do you step outside to warm up and inhale exhaust fumes?

These are the issues brown people must face everyday.


. said...
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Grouch said...

hey were u in chennai for amit's wedding ?


Shakes said...

yeah dude, for young amit sinha... otherwise i would've come to madras to enjoy the lovely summer weather..