Wednesday, April 9, 2008

good morning

Good morning. As I sit here with my toes in my blanket while watching TV a strange thought hit me... why is MTV riding Puffy's jock?

(The other question that hit me: why can't I breathe and it feels like an anvil is pounding on my head? The reason of course is because one of my beloved co-workers conducted germ warmfare on me.)

I'm sorry but I know he's rich and all, but his music is the most overrated shit ever. In case he didn't realize, "Making the Band" is like the worst talent show ever on TV. And as for his own music career, all I can say is that if your tag-team partner had been Mase at some point in your life, then that's a pretty bad sign.

But forget about what I think about him, why is MTV stupid enough to follow his tracks. Somewhere there's a MTV exec who's like "You know, I know the first three Making the Bands were not good....but I reeeeally have a feeling about having a fourth season." Now while watching TV there's another show following Puffy during Fashion Week....ugh. Are there really people who watch it and are like "likeohmygod, Puffy is like so hood!"

Well I have a newsflash for you sistahsoulja, his royal wackness has not put made or produced a good song in like a decade

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