Tuesday, April 8, 2008


The disaster known as the 2008 Olympic torch relay is pretty funny when you think about the symbolism of the event in context to the outrage the IOC President has voiced over its disruption through Europe. Protesters have tried (and succeeded) to extinguish the torch to demonstrate their outrage toward China's dealings with Tibet and the general state of human rights in China.

The Olympic Prez (Jacques Rogge) said ``I was very saddened at what happened. This was actually tainting a beautiful symbol, a symbol of peace, a symbol of unity of all the people of the world, irrespective of their religion, their ethnic origins, their language, their political systems and their culture"

Um hellooo Jacques, but do I sense irony here? Newsflash, but as weird as I think some protesters can be (have you seen the Falun Gong people?), their underlying message is essentially that China doesn't uphold their end of the human rights bargain. So by way of a elementary reasoning having the games in China is what taints the "beautiful symbol, " not protesters.

Of course there are undoubtedly a few protesters who have the less eloquent motivation of "Dude, let's mess with the torch and Chinese!" but the logic remains. There are two reasons these protesters are targeting the Olympics versus say the 2008 Ping Pong World Championships:

  1. Demonstrations against the Olympics has a wee bit more publicity (duh)
  2. It's precisely the reason that the Olympics are supposed to represent a true meritocracy

That's why people get annoyed about steroids, because it's no longer pure. Instead you know have a risk of an opening ceremony where athletes lie about taking their vow to compete cleanly and the hosts lie about caring about promoting basis human freedoms.
That being said, it's not like the Olympics have always been spot-on about human rights…1936 Olympics in Germany…anyone? And they hosted the Summer AND Winter Olympics. Also anyone who loved humanity would've stopped the Jamaican bobsled team many moons ago. They're lucky they didn't kill themselves...

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