Thursday, March 6, 2008

word associations: desi style

Today my brother and I played a game of Indian word associations. It's fun. It's exciting. It's America's fastest growing desi craze:

[15:11] HBshakes: that is weird

[15:11] My Brother: what?

[15:11] HBshakes: i dunno

[15:11] HBshakes: i just wanted to say "that is weird"

[15:12] My Brother: are you saying it with an indian accent?

[15:12] My Brother: veird?

[15:13] HBshakes: virds

[15:16] HBshakes: hmm

[15:17] My Brother: other indian words

[15:17] My Brother: sayings

[15:17] My Brother: mannerisms

[15:17] HBshakes: schemes.

[15:17] My Brother: crore

[15:17] HBshakes: lakh

[15:17] My Brother: lbw

[15:18] HBshakes: maths.

[15:18] My Brother: upper post secondary

[15:18] HBshakes: upper kg.

[15:19] My Brother: horn ok please

[15:19] HBshakes: cool cab

[15:20] My Brother: bryan adams: waking up the neighbours

[15:20] HBshakes: deep purple

[15:20] My Brother: dacoit

[15:20] HBshakes: fundas

[15:21] My Brother: oooh

[15:21] My Brother: good one

[15:21] My Brother: mobile

[15:22] HBshakes: breach candy

[15:22] My Brother: strolley

[15:22] HBshakes: amarsons

[15:23] My Brother: benzer

[15:24] HBshakes: hero honda

[15:26] HBshakes: suppandi

[15:26] My Brother: bisleri

[15:27] HBshakes: filum

[15:28] My Brother: Doodarshan

[15:28] HBshakes: DD2

[15:28] My Brother: which always struck me as a BBC rip off

[15:33] My Brother: IST/PCO

[15:34] HBshakes: hahahahaha

[15:39] HBshakes: Crocin

[15:41] My Brother: vicco turmeric ayurvedic cream


The Grouch said...

Excuse me. Its Vicco Vajradanti Ayurvedic Cream.

And, clearly we have a winner!

superman1024 said...

nope. vicco vajradanti is a toothpaste. vicco turmeric is an ayurvedic cream. Shakes, you win. Hands sown.

Rush said...

You forgot visiting hill stations. Like Mahbhleshwar.