Friday, March 28, 2008

The Weekend Plans: how to kill yourself in only 23 easy steps

My goal this weekend is to bementally and physically shattered. While a noble and worthy pursuit in it of itself, this feeble attempt is not without additional merit. Yours truly is going to meet up with some friends for a bachelor party.

However the only debauchery that will be occuring outside of drinky drink is shooting each other and seeing a soccer game. It's the compactness of the schedule which creates the element of surprise here. This is the game plan:

Friday (today)
  • 5:30am - get up for work
  • sometime before 10:30pm - end work
  • 10:30pm - leave for Manchester, England
  • 6am - arrive in Manchester
  • 6am to 10am - find a way to get to Liverpool (probably by train or cab) which is 30 miles away
  • 10am - arrive at Liverpool
  • meet up with 15 people English people, 11 of whom I have never met, who traveled from London the night before at our hotel
  • noon - leave for a lunch and then....drum roll...wait for it...wait for it... PAINTBALLING in England! at noon, only 5'ish hours after I had landed
  • noon to evening - get shot at by British people after I pass out from sleep deprivation
  • evening - return to hotel. clean up. go out.
  • night - drink
  • middle of the night - lose one hour due to the observance of Britain's daylight savings time
  • morning - sleep
  • morning to afternoon - recover
  • everytime in the middle - drink liquids
  • afternoon - go see soccer game: Liverpool vs. Everton @ Anfield
  • evening - take train right after game to London
  • night - spend night in London
  • leave first thing in the morning to go to New York
  • arrive back at home in the early evening some time
  • make a mad dash to the Indian Consulate to try and get my Indian Visa
  • collapse from exhaustion
  • 5:30am - get up for work
  • sometime before 5:30am the next day - end work
Details to follow...

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