Wednesday, March 5, 2008

greetings from Phoenix

Today my flight from NY to Phoenix saw the display of an event which had never occurred in the history of civil aviation. Next to me in my window seat was a white guy (middle seat) and Chinese guy (aisle). After passing out for an hour I woke up, looked to my left when BLAMMO the Chinese guy was sitting next to me. I was like WTF just happened?

The white guy had gone to the bathroom and the Chinese guy felt the most efficient thing to do was to slide over instead of having to get up when Whitey returned. This was bizarro. I'd never seen anyone voluntarily give up their aisle seat mid-flight. BUT WAIT there's more.

The Chinese guy (who we shall refer to as "the Chinese guy") had to later go to the was a 5hr flight you know...and Whitey scooted right over. They were rotating who had to sit in the middle based on what was most optimal

These two strangers had somehow decided to conduct a real life example of the academic concept of finding the Pareto Efficient solution. They were able to make a decision that made each one better off without taking away the utility of someone else. Who would've thunk.

And it is with this incredible knowledge that I was able to give them my peanuts. They did their part to make society a better place and I felt the need to rewards them.

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