Saturday, March 8, 2008

the Endless Summer

One way to miss California a lot on a windy monsoony winter's day in NY is to watch old surfing movies . While it gets your mind off things it basically has the lovely effect of making you more depressed about life. As my recent bout with homesickness has hit fever pitch tonight I popped in a classic to the DVD player, "The Endless Summer." The point of the movie is to basically travel around the world to surf...and avoid winter.

So the next 90 minutes unfolds with a trip around the world and how they choose their stops is beyond me. But what's just as cool as watching surfing is hearing the announcer (it's a quasi documentary) make weird comments about the various locales they end up on. It's like listening to a time capsule of a view of the world that is light years away from ours...even though it was only a generation-and-a-half ago. For example the cost of gas in Ghana at $1 is considered to be absolutely ridiculous. And any view of Africans is followed by the expected tribal music. Good times. Oh the 1960s...

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