Tuesday, March 4, 2008

the award for weirdest email of the day...

"The Wire" is awesome. It's unbelievable. Well actually I don't really know this, but everyone who watches it says so....and as such we were talking about it at work about a month ago when I admitted that I wanted to rent the box set and watch the whole thing series

After this short TV discussion interlude, I proceeded to go back to my own business at work when I received this errant fax in my inbox:
No sooner than 5 minutes after talking about it, a producer for HBO's "The Wire" had accidentally faxed me the contract for one of the show voices/announcers. You can pretty clearly see Souzan Alavi's signature at the bottom there. All of this is for Episode #9 this season.

Not too shabby of a gig for some guy (who's name and social security number I blocked out) who got paid $454 for 30 minutes of work. I faxed the form back to Innovative Agency and mentioned that they had made a small mistake. Sadly the woman didn't offer me a free DVD box set of Season 6 for being a good samaritan. Oh well.

On a sidenote whoever created the technology for faxes to automatically be turned into scanned emails is a genius.

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