Monday, February 11, 2008

what is wrong with this picture from a cab?

If there's one bad thing that can be said about New Orleans, it's that it has the sketchiest cabs west of Birmingham. While leaving for the airport, we were on board this gem..

Can you spot the 6 things that are messed up about this scene???

No rear view mirror
2) Black people wearing cowboy hats scare me
3) The meter wasn't working
4) Any cabbie with Mardi Gras beads used as decorations is a little bit odd... any cab where the aforementioned beads are the best decorations of the cab is even more odder
5) Cooler with an old VCR in it (okay that's unfair, you can't see the VCR from this picture)
6) Steering wheel being held together with duct tape

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