Tuesday, February 12, 2008

quote of the day

If you ever have your cable blown out but are desperate for some good entertainment, you just need to goto two tech websites, either Gizmodo or Engadget (huge dork rivals by the way) and their reader comments on any article do not disappoint. Every harmless article about a new electric toaster invariably turns into some flame war between the holy debates of the tech world:
1) Mac lovers vs. Windows assholes
2) Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD
and of course...
3) Iphones vs. Everything else

It's awesome, but non-subtle mockery aside the people are truly funny. It is from here that I get my thought of the day: (paraphrasing)

People who try to sound smart use the word "Actually" in the same way that everyone else (e.g. me, valley girls, people against the grammatical use of metaphors) use the word "Like"

It's pretty interesting if you think about it. People tend to use it when they're explaining shit, like it's their way of making it appear as though they are simplifying a difficult concept...when actually they aren't. See how I slipped in "actually" just now while mocking the use of it? That's called being a good writer, which actually isn't as easy as you think it would be.

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