Friday, February 22, 2008

Guy Smiley: America's Most Beloved Gameshow Host

The end of the world is near judging from the fact that it's snowing 9 inches this morning and the fact that the Kings won last night (5-1) and the Lakers are playing their best basketball 6yrs or so.
As such I felt that in times of change we must carefully reassess the values, institutions, and social mores which we hold to be true. Today we shall focus on Guy Smiley.

Certainly one of the most beloved muppets, Guy Smiley was one of the few caricatures of humanity who may have been more tamer than the people he emulated…talk show hosts. Whats strikes as odd is that most of Guy's game shows all seemed to feature Cookie monster as a prominent contestant.

...and now now...don't get confused. The blue guy in the clip above is not Cookie Monster. All blue people do not look the same. That's just racist. The best part is when he describes the monkey... "it looks like a little hairy person"

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