Thursday, February 7, 2008


One day many years ago when I was in high school we had debates on various topics in class. The one I avoided was euthanasia. It just made no sense. I dunno why we were even debating youth in Asia. Just because they are not adults and they don't live in America doesn't necessarily make euthanasia a pressing topic.

I mean if I went to Tokyo are they debating topics such as kidsinamerica? What do they have to say about us anyway? What does it mean to be pro-kidsinamerica. What does it mean to be con-kidsinamerica? If I'm pro-youth-in-Asia does that necessarily make me con-kidsinamerica? Is that a mutually exclusive Ven diagram? What is a Ven diagram? Who was Ven? Was Ven a youth in Asia?

I would later learn that euthanasia has nothing to do with the younger people of the Far East. It instead refers to people having assisted suicides. And once I learned that it made everything a lot better.


Rush said...

I often wonder why it is that I'm drawn back to this blog time and time again. But your latest post answers it! Good blogging!

Shakes said...

thank u thank u, i do what i can. enlightening people is one of those things.