Saturday, January 12, 2008

have you seen me?

I haven't written much because work is getting in the way of life. Day trips to Milwaukee, Atlanta, and my apartment leave little for doing much else. And it's with that I have nothing funny. Nothing sad. Not even good cab driver conversations.

The closest thing to adventure had been running through the Atlanta airport on Thursday and miraculously making it from the ticket counter through security to the terminal shuttle up an escalator and sprinting across Terminal B to within 19 minutes to make my flight while the doors were closing. When I got onto the plane and made a turn towards first class for my seat the flight attendant stopped me and jokingly asked "Where do you think you're going mister?"

I didn't know if she was serious or not and as I grasped for breath all I could muster was "I want to go home."

And with that my Saturday has consisted of me watching 15 hours of TV straight. What does a college graduate who's almost 30 watch all day? Well I'm glad you asked . Here's the rundown:

8am to noon
- English soccer: Arsenal / Birmingham
- English soccer: Manchester United / Newcastle

noon to 4pm
- Wii: Super Mario Galaxy
- LA Kings hockey (they actually beat Dallas!)
4pm to 1am
- NFL Playoffs: Packers/ Seahawks
- Godfather 3
- more Wii
- NFL Playoffs: Patriots/ Jags
- Vanilla Sky

... and it's while watching "Vanilla Sky" that I'm struck with three things:

1) I have not showered today

2) a hypothetical movie soundtrack should be my next podcast

3) The scene were Tom Cruise walks through a vacant Times Square is awesome....and it will always remind me of the sight that I had while getting off the 9-train at Time Square from the Upper West Side on September 12th morning. I trekked to work after spending the night at my friend's place and the whole area was deserted and quiet. It was surreal.

But luckily that morning did not involve Tom Cruise running by me.

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Rush said...

Take a shower, dude.