Monday, January 28, 2008

Harvey the Hound and Mascot Gate: The 5 year anniversary

Five year ago, in January of 2003 it happened. A landmark event that changed the landscape of human events in Canada. It wasn't a Parliamentary scandal. It wasn't a corporate meltdown. It wasn't even an oil spill off the coast of BC.

No. No. No.

It was bigger than all that.

During the third period of a Calgary/Edmonton game and the Flames where up 4-0. All hope seemed lost. It's at this point that famed Calgary mascot Harvey the Hound began to taunt the Oilers bench.

Harvey wouldn't stop and finally coach Craig MacTavish got fed up, leaned over, and ripped the foot-long, floppy red tongue off of Flames mascot and threw it into the crowd.

What's even funnier is the reaction of the Oiler players who started squirting Harvey with water bottles when he kept on leaning over. MacTavish even reached for a hockey stick but was calmed by Oilers trainer Kevin Lowe.

Ultimately security moved the mascot away.

The incident known as Mascot Gate (or should the proper spelling be one word, "mascotgate"?) inspired the Oilers to stage a rally in the third, scoring 3 goals before time finally ran out. Harvey would never be the same.

He was left speechless. Literally.

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