Sunday, January 6, 2008

Aussie Aussie Aussie, oink oink oink!

So India just lost the second Test match to Australia which featured:

- one accusation of racism by the Aussies and against an Indian (which no third party had heard)
- TEN outs via umpire decisions going against the Indian
- at least one Aussie who was out but didn't leave the field because the umpire didn't rule him out....he would later go onto score 150 more runs essentially beating the Indians

Now I'm no expert on cricket but there are two things I know:

1) Questionable umpire decisions happen in every match... I mean there are definitely one or two decisions by an umpire that are 50/50 and can go either way. That's just the way it is. But ten umpire decisions is unheard of. The technical term is that's fucked up.

2) If there's one thing you do in cricket, it's respect tradition and leave when you know you're out. The customary tradition is to start walking off the field before an umpire makes his decision. If you think about this, this is incredible. Imagine watching a baseball game where a batter walks off before the ump yells strikes 3. But that's the way cricket is. Thus a player stating that they stayed in despite knowing they were out (he touched a ball that was caught as opposed to steering clear of it) goes against the ethics of the game.

I don't wanna be too preachy but all I will say is that if Australians want to say that things like this happen and we should all get on with it, then fine, but that mentality also means that they shouldn't complain at all when other people don't exhibit proper sportsmanship and they the Aussies who got booted out of the 2006 World Cup by the Italians because of a questionable penalty kick call on a dive in the sixth minute of extra time in the second half.

Umpires makes bad calls and players shouldn't be expected to act with class. But that's just a part of the game aye matey?

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