Sunday, December 2, 2007

TV is fun

Losing your voice sucks. In some ways the sympathy you get from others is pretty cool, it sucks because you can't To say that work is a disaster is an understatement but it also cramps the old personal life style. Who wants to grab dinner with someone who can't talk?

As such my weekend has consisted of me sitting on my couch, watching TV, doing a little work, and 3 trips to Target (or Tarjaaay as any self-respecting shopping connoisseur would call it).

Spending the entire watching TV can be one of the most stressful things ever. On one hand I have a lot of channels, on the other hand you feel like you should always be able to watch something good. At least in the olden days when there were only like 10 channels you would see that the best thing to watch is MASH and you would settle for it given no other choice.

When you don't feel like you have to settle it makes you more frustrated. As such my morning began with an epic re-run of "American Gladiators." I didn't even realize that they kept the tapes of those shows. While I was stuck in silence I was able reliving members of my favorite Gladiators: Storm, Malibu, Ice... When I was a kid "American Gladiators" was the best way of spending a Saturday night...which is a nice insight into what my social life used to be life in middle school and parts of high school.

After nearly 12 hours of TV my night concluded with an epic 1970s classic, "Coolie High." The story of some black kids growing up in the projects and the tomfoolery that followed them and their high school.

If Siskel & Ebert were on cable there review would be that this movie is the shit. Between the drawn-out house party and the scene where two kids tried to steal money from two hookers with a Lone Ranger badge, the movie is right up there with "Citizen Kane."

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