Monday, December 10, 2007

Tatti chronicles

Here's an email I received today

"ok i really need to get something off my chest. as you know, i am prone to stepping in poo whether i like it or not. most of the time, i dont like it. ok. i dont like it ever at all. so, last week i was walking and saw dog poo right under a tree in some mulch. so i didnt say much..just made a mental note of it and went on with my day. this morning around 830 i was walking to the subway and it was raining so i wasnt paying attention very much and i saw poo again. this time it looked like horse poo. like it was a lot of it! and it wasnt just a little bit on the sidewalk it was like diarrhea poo all over the sidewalk. and the thing is, i cant even make this up.

its just that bad."

You may now comment on this poo matter

1 comment:

Rush said...

Wait, seriously??

Do people know about your penchant for poo or was this a random coincidence?