Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa Clause and tea

Putting out milk and cookies for Santa is long-standing of a tradition as is Hindus celebrating Christmas. I remember when I was a kid putting out milk and cookies in the hopes that it would (1) satisfy Santa and (2) bribe him into leaving more gifts for me.

Somewhere along the line things change. I remember I must have been like 8 or something and my dad calmly suggested "You know maybe Santa would like tea instead of milk and cookies"


My dad continued "...well he gets milk and cookies at every other home, maybe he gets tired of it." This seemed to make sense and from then on Santa had a cup of hot water and a tea bag as his treat from our home.

Years later after it was discovered that Santa was a sham, I'd have to wake up my mom, dad, and brother in order to get Christmas morning started. My brother would only get up when mom and dad did....and mom was generally agreeable to whatever. My dad would always add-in the "OK I'll get up if you make me a nice hot tea." This my friends is called bargaining power. What am I going to do, hold-out on making tea and hence delay the self-interest laden commercial festivities?

I say nay.

So with that my dad/Santa has been able to force me into manual labor for nearly 2 decades. If that's not the Christmas spirit, I dunno what is.

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Rush said...

My santa is lactose-intolerant so tea and cookies was always the snack of choice.