Sunday, December 23, 2007

the Kings suck, Stu Lantz, and walking down 5th Avenue

Any self-respecting South Californians knows that there are only 5 people in life you ever listened to in life:
1) mom
2) Chick Hearn & Stu Lantz
3) Bob Miller & Jim Fox

Mom of course needs no intro. Chick Hearn & Stu Lantz are/were the beloved play-by-play guys for the Lakers (until Chicky passed). Bob Miller & Jim Fox are the play-by-play people for the Kings.

With that background our lovely family was walking down 5th Avenue on Saturday along with 45 million of our closest friends and family, when we poked inside the NBA store on 53rd Street. Stu was downstairs and in front of my brother in line. The Lakers were playing the Knicks on Sunday and hence the team was in town.

Another holiday miracle! Being in the same building as Stu is sorta like being in the stable while Jesus was born.

Okay so maybe it's not that big, but it's pretty cool. The weird thing is that Stu was buying water bottles. Why would a basketball commentator for LA shop for water bottles? I mean you'd think that he has access to more than a few free things from the team.

Either that or Stu Lantz is like the worst Santa ever. Can you imagine getting a water bottle for Christmas? I mean if my dad/uncle worked for the Lakers for like 20 years I'd wanna see like the Lakers bench under my tree. And by "bench" I don't mean the physical bench... no no no... I mean the 7 guys who aren't the starters.

Oh well, it's all good, the Lake Show won on Sunday.

Oh and at this point you're probably why did I mention that the Kings suck in the title. Following a team that always loses takes a toll. If for no other reason they've shocked my sleep habits. Getting home between 8-10pm and then staying up until 1:30am to watch their games (west coast games start at 10:30pm EST) and then waking up at 5:45am for work the next morning is not good. The least that the Kings can do is win once in a while. I know asking for two wins in a row is a bit greedy, but hey, I dream big.

At this point I know what a lot of you are saying "you loser Shakes, why don't you just TiVo the game and watch it the next evening if they win?" Well let me answer your question with another, "do you think the moon landing would've been as exciting if you saw Neil Armstrong tape recorded after you knew he already walked around"

I rest my case.

And with that I'm off to another Indian Christmas Eve tradition....Indian food. Instead of lovely Cerritos this time we're doing it East Coast style...Edison. You know how we do.

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