Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Pranks Part 2: A Cubicle Christmas

Some people are Great, and some people have Greatness thrust upon them. In my case I've had it emailed to me. Some of you may recall that last year I posted pictures of my brother and his co-workers transforming the cubicle of one of their comrades (Glenn) into Santa's Little Workshop. It's pretty fuckin' awesome.

If you haven't seen it do yourself a favor, hop onto the internet, and get involved.

For whatever reason this post last year is the main reason why this blog has gotten over 150 hits a day since the end of November. (did you like how I conveniently added in the massive hit total...that's called being's why I've been entrusted to write a blog and just read along for shits and giggles) You see I can track how people have found their way to my blog and lately it's usually through a google search terms of something like: "tricks office Christmas" or "prank co-worker Santa." The number of sick bastards out there who look towards the Holiday season as a time to ruin the lives of others is staggering and impressive.

It really captures the Christmas spirit.

It is with this post in mind that I've gotten emails from a couple of people who made their own office workshops. This one from Mike P is my fave:

BEFORE: Ah yes, a simple cubicle....

AFTER: Kablammo! This is like a carbon-copy of my brother's work except it's for "Brett".

You've gotta give extra points for the street sign in the front as well as the surrounding "snow." It shows a lot of tact and is aesthetically pleasing. Also if you look reeeeeaaallly closely in the door you can see that a stocking is hanging inside. That's awesome. Adding Christmas flair is a strong strong effort. We salute you Mike and your victim Brett.

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