Monday, December 31, 2007

everything was short in the game! from their jump their shorts

Signs that the apocalyse is upon us #821: The Lakers wear pre 90s era retro shorts AND the LA Kings win two games in a row for the first time in like 2 months...

With the Boston Celtics playing their best basketball since the late 1980s, the Lakers decided to do their part…and at least look like they were in the 1980s when the clashed on Sunday.

With the game probably the most meaningful one between the historic rivals since the era of Bird and Magic the local TV stations at home have been filled with promo ads with the theme "that was then (cue picture of of old players and an old pair of short basketball short)…this is now (cue Kobe dunking and a Kevin Garnett jumper along with an image of modern longer NBA short)."

Obviously I don't live in LA anymore but I've seen more than enough of these local ads while watching LA Kings and Laker games over the past week on satellite.

So after warm-ups the Lake Show tore of their warm-up sweats and unveiled the crowd-pleasing retro shorts. Apparently the team was already slated to wear their retro jerseys (which is not really meaningful considering it hasn't really changed in the last 50 years since they moved from Minneapolis) but wanted to take it one step further…

Although the move initially got Kobe's blessing in order to get the rest of the team on board (newly acquired Trevor Ariza took it one step further by wearing the Magic-esque knee pads) they switched back to their normal shorts in the second half.

Kobe summed up things by saying "I don't know what it feels like to wear a thong, but I imagine it feels something like what we had on in the first half," he said with a grin. "I felt violated. I felt naked. It's one thing to see films with guys wearing those things. ... I'd rather stay warm, man."

Shorts or… shorts, the Lake show was clobbered 110-91.

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