Tuesday, November 13, 2007

welcome back seasonal depression!

One of the best parts about the winter is getting up while it's still pitch dark, going to work, and then leaving when it's dark outside. Not seeing sunlight for months at a time is both a fun and joyful experience. Sometimes I sit at work thinking "wouldn't it be nicer if I was playing outside?" Well the good thing about winter is that I never think such blasphemous thoughts.

Sometimes during the subway portion of my commute my mind wanders and thinks about unimportant questions like where my life is going, what I'm doing with myself, and how a bunch of years have passed. Luckily my train ride is only two stops long otherwise I would think about actually doing something about these questions. Thankfully I barely have enough time to remember those issues. I like to think I'm resolving serious life questions by not being able to remember them.

So it with these thoughts that I wanna give a big hearty hellooo to my seasonal depression. The annual time when I become sad about life. We salute you depression. We salute you for the introspection that you spur on. We salute you for the questions that remain unanswered.

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