Friday, October 19, 2007

taxi cab confessions

New York cab drivers rock. One moment you can be yelling at them on why a 10minute ride to Jersey shouldn't cost a fixed rate of $40, the next moment you're sitting with them discussing US politics. In my particular case my cabby, Dev, decided to tackle a cornucopia of topics ranging from state tax codes to the CIA.

In the middle of the Holland Tunnel Dev decide that our trust had been built up enough to unleash a bombshell: "Kenneth Lay.....the Enron man, I think he alive. Probably the Caribbean."

Say what?

What was disturbing about Dev's conspiracy theory is that Dev felt that need to turn around in his seat and let me know. Um, dude you're driving. As for the deceased Kenneth Lay my cabby felt pretty good about the theory because once he passed away, all the news stories about him ended and people stopped investigating his fraudulent company. While this is all true, it's kinda bizarro that a man would have this pent up frustration like 2 years after the guy died is beyond me. But to be fair Dev was fired up about all issues including "Scotter Loobey" (apparently it's someone related to Scotter Libby).

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Rish said...

hey man! they do the same here ..all they try to do is keep u entertaint!.. and take the longest route to ur