Thursday, October 25, 2007

San Francisco: now hill-ier

Ancient mariners once said that there's no better way to enjoy a city than to spend less than a day there. Actually this is not true. In fact the only ancient Mariner that I sorta know is A-Rod. Well in any case in the weird work travels, my Wednesday involved a 6hr flight to San Fran only to turn around and take the red-eye to back at work by Thursday morn. A lovely 20hr adventure across 3 time zones and back.

But I'm not here to write to you about my traveling. Oh no no. Instead I thought I'd point out that SnFran is like geek central. Why does everyone feel the need to wear bluetooth phone ear-pieces. I mean seriously when it's 11pm at the airport, are you really expecting a ton of phone calls?

Secondly when I look at half the shmucks who wear them, I wanna tap them on the shoulder adn be like "Hey ass, does anyone ever call you? Do you have to always be on-guard in case you get that one phone call from your 'Nana?"

I spit on you. All of you. The Grouch does too.


Anonymous said...

Is this why you haven't played Scrabbs in awhile??

Shakes said...

your turn chump