Monday, October 29, 2007

Milwaukee: land of a thousand people trying to get the hell out

A 6:30am Monday morning flight to Milwaukee is splendid way to start off the week. It helps act as the perfect bookend to my weekend that more or less begin with Newark. It's funny while trekking through Europe you see all sorts of awesome cities within 2hrs or so of each other by plane. Amsterdam, Geneva, Paris. Just looking at the departure screen at an airport makes you feel like a badass traveler.

Meanwhile back here the same flying radius leaves a fantastic trail of cities, from Milwaukee to Cleveland to Raleigh. Um, it's not quite the same. However lately I've been wondering if people in Europe sorta have the same dread of cities as we/I do. Like is Brussels the business person's equivalent of Newark? Does a meeting room in Frankfurt drum up visions of Detroit? Why are people in Europe able to get away with wearing combinations of pink and brown that make no sense in any other hemisphere.

The last one isn't exactly keeping with the travel theme, but it's important in my books nonetheless.


Today's trip was just lovely as the 3:45am wake up call was well worth the joy of watching two of the senior people on our deal proceed to get into a argument (albeit friendly) in front of the client which culminated in one calling the other an asshole. Fantastic. The real funny part is that this sorta happens frequently and clients who know us actually find it amusing.

Seeing that only verbal abuses were let loose on members of our own team the meeting was declared successful and rather than using the ensuing 90 minutes before our flight to make sure we get back to the airport on time, a senior-in-command commandeered our trip to include a stop at Madars, which was voted Milwaukee's finest ethnic restaurant (German). Our 30 minute stay included a round of beers, some fried thing, and chicken with saurkraut. Go figure And you know what? It was fantastic.

At some point you gotta put aside the practicality/disbelief of trying to make your flight and go along with the crowd. Do it for the story. And I did. And it was good.

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