Sunday, October 21, 2007

hooray for Amtrak! hooray for being indian! hey you're fat!

In a shocking move Amtrak has started to provide discounts to Indian people. The move grew out of the growing number of riders who felt that they should be privy to some sort of fair and just consideration.

You can see this new "Indian people" option on the screenshot below
The Indian discount has been added shortly after another decision to profile "Fat People" (as seen above). Indian officials were initially incensed because their discount was positioned under "Military Child" and were eventually appeased by locating Indians under infants.

Fat pricing however has been highly controversial because the "Fat" ticket costs more during rush hour times but less during off peak hours, compared to normal pricing.

Amtrak instituted the policy because they wanted to encourage fat people to become more "mobile," yet simultaneously to quell new mobile urges away from times that others move.

Furthermore both Indian and Fat checks are being done by train ticketing personnel. The test programs are scheduled to run for 6 months before they are reassessed.

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