Saturday, October 27, 2007

hello newark !! / nuns in hell / cookies on ice

When someone thinks an exotic city that you'd wanna spend a Saturday night at, Newark is a common answer. Jokey jokes aside, their new hockey arena could be a reason people actually want to come to the city. So anyhoo the opening night of the arena coupled with the first home game of the season made for a lovely evening...

Well sorta. While the devils lost,the evening did produce some bizarro scenes. And by bizarro I don't mean the fact that the nacho cheese that was spilled under my chair was the first time the yellow-goo touched the floor of the sparkling arena.

By bizarro I mean the fact that I spotted a nun in the hot dog line. You don't normally expect one of God's messangers to be supporting Satan's hockey team.

And what trip to a frozen indoor pond would be complete without spotting Cookie Monster. You can't blame the blue bastard to being drawn to Canada's second-placed national sport...behind lacrose (no I'm not making that up)

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