Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Day 5, Venice: I am a hamster; where is my cheese

Most great European explorers came from Italy, and after one day in Venice it’s easy to see why. They basically used the endless maze of narrow passageways as a training ground before

scampering around the world looking for places to infest with diseases. At some point you just wanna jump in the Grand Canal because that is the only landmark (err watermark) that is vaguely useful in getting one’s bearings.

Okay, so that nonsensical prelude aside, Venice is nuts. It’s like walking through Epcot Center or Disneyland EXCEPT it’s like, real. The city itself revolves completely around tourists, as every 2nd building is a hotel, and last I checked Venice isn’t quite a financial center. The problem with places that know they’re there to only cater to tourists is that they can charge an arm and a leg for the basic reasons people come. For example: gondola rides. If there’s one thing that you think about when you’re thinking about Venice it’s that the city is pretty much fucked due to global warming. I mean forget beach erosion and hotter summers, these people are gonna have their city drown. That’s serious.

If there were two things you think about when you think of Venice, it’s the aforementioned global warming impact AND taking a romantic gondola ride down the canals. Well as we all know, romance comes at a price… gondola guys were asking for 100 Euros (~$140!) for a cruise. If you’re a young couple you’re probably thinking that you pretty much have no choice but to pay because that’s the whole reason you came down there in the first place.

Anyhoo aside from that the only slight bitterness that I have is that the Venice train station has like no direct connection to any cabs. So basically if you have bags and wanna use the station, you have to lug your shit over some multi-stepped bridges and cobble stone roads. Awesome. The worst part is that there really isn’t a direct bridge from the nearest taxi drop off to the station. You basically have to cross the Grand Canal, walk like a half kilometer, then cross over the bridge again. Hooray for Italians.

All that being said the, city is gorgeous, but you don’t have to take my world to believe it. Here look, I’ve attached pictures. They are to be looked at and enjoyed with your family and loved ones.


witnee said...

I'm still bitter you didn't hide me in your luggage.

Shakes said...

that's illegal and the italians take it to be a high offense to do illegal things. unless you're willing to pay money under the table.