Monday, September 10, 2007

old school GPS

Christopher Columbus helped prove that you can totally fuck up looking at a map and still get somewhere worthwhile. The only consequences are misnaming an entire race of Native Americans for the rest of human history, the ramifications of which results in a baseball team in Cleveland getting named after people who really live half way across the world.

That being said it's hard to imagine almost that people still use regular maps still. I mean even if you don't have GPS (perish the thought!) at least you can use Google Maps or really keep it retro with Yahoo Maps. The idea of using a regular AAA-style maps where your route is not clearly shown is like imagining life before cellphones (how were you ever able to coordinate meeting people when you went out??? "meet me at the corner at 9pm....or else I'll just wait forever...")

Well while driving down the freeway the other day I discovered that people DO use regular maps and sometimes those same people use them while driving. It's a rare rare sight indeed.

As you can see on the right, while cruising at about 60mph some people feel like that's the best time to unfold the old paper maps and figure out where the hell they are going.

Well played weirdo. But the real question is how are you able to figure out where you and how to get to where you're going in a hurry while you're speeding along on the freeway?

I mean I guess people in the olden days faced this problem all the time, and time and time again this answer is the same....

You're probably going the wrong direction Mofo....and with that seconds after I spotted the directionally-challenged driver I saw her speed off and take the patented illegal U-turn.

Please of course note that she made this turn right in front of a well-placed no U-Turn sign. Dude, I can't make up this stuff.

All this goes to show is that even in the olden days Chris Columbus could've taken a U-Turn at any point in time. Instead he decided to unleashed European diseases upon an entire continent of people.


Rush said...

please drive fast, look inside others' cars and take more pics with your camera phone. it's not dangerous at all ;-)

. said...

I hate to say it but i am one of those people. Well i use maps while driving anyway. For me it's akin to writing directions down from google and then trying to read my directions...

Shakes said...

oh no! maps are sooo like...old.