Tuesday, September 25, 2007

being a Hindu, shopping, & the Puma store

Shopping at Woodbury Common's, about an hour out of Manhattan is the choicest place for outlet shopping. For many Hindus shopping at Woodbury has a lot of interesting parallels to familiar religious and cultural ceremonies. First of all it's the voyage itself. Every Indian kid (Hindu or otherwise) knows that no temple that your parents make you goto is ever with 30 minutes from home. No no noooooo.

For some reason people felt that temples needed to be like at least a 6 hours drive from where you are. Going to the temple means having a long painful car ride, preferrably with no A/C and no suspension. Going to Woodbury's is no different.

Also Woodbury's involves saving money. Indians are all about that. Finaly Indian functions tend to be filled with...well...other Indian people. Again, Woodbury's has that too. There really isn't much more of an elaboration that needs to be made to that point I think. Anyhoo, here are my pics:

Shop 'til you...well...drop. But like seriously, did you have to just sit down on the middle of the ground.

Um, miss, do you really need to get 7 pairs of shoes? You know what you could also do...and I know this is crazy...but use a cart.

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