Thursday, August 9, 2007

our leader

Today President Bush had a press conference on the US economy where reporters asked him what he thought was going to happen to the bond and stock markets….this is like…you know what any simile doesn't do justice to how goofy this is. I mean you're basically asking a dumb guy to explain something that smart people disagree upon.

Now obviously as a policy maker his view holds a bit more sway in how things will be handled, but still. What's even more telling is that as he rambled on about bridges in the Midwest, football players turned war martyrs, and Congress's inability to do one thing or another, the stock market dropped 40 more points (13539 to 13490). Way to restore confidence Prez...

Allow me to provide a powerful allegory of the situation that involves Indian dads.

Hearing reporters speak to the President is a lot like watching my dad interact with weird teenage salespeople at computer stores. My dad will ask questions regarding functionality, compatibility and pricing to the know-nothing sales dude. What's even worse is that he actually expects to get a well thought out answer. Even more astonishing is that my dad is repeatedly astounded when the salesperson says "umm…sir…I dunno."

My brother and I can tell our dad from the very beginning "Dad, there's no reason to ask him, he's not gonna know" but time and time again we go through the process of actually believing that this sales guy is going to pull out a series of nuggets of wisdom from thin air…or at least from his classy Slayer t-shirt nearly tucked inside his Best Buy polo, thereby acting as an undershirt of sorts...and time and time again we're disappointed. Go figure.


Rush said...

In other news, the Prez is in fine health albeit the fact that people die every day because of his power-mongering ways.

My father, a simple man who does not cause anyone's death, is not in fine health however.

The irony!

Rush said...

I actually just wanted to use the word "albeit".

And vent about daddy. Maybe I should get my own blog?


The Grouch said...

"I mean you're basically asking a dumb guy to explain something that smart people disagree upon."

Oh, the hilarity !

Shakes said...

=) they love me! they really love me!