Friday, August 31, 2007

meet Amy Lee, The Happy Asian

Today's posting shall be one full of racism and stereotypes!

Keep in mind that since I'm Indian it's semi-okay for me to make judgements regarding Asian people (South Asian or otherwise) as well as Jewish people (my best friend is Jewish, so it's all good)

I was in Atlanta last week at my cousin's dorm when I noticed one of the activity boards, a trademark of all college residential halls usually placed next to the elevators. Amongst a myriad of random names and faces, one person stood out: Amy Lee.

I didn't exactly Amy Lee, but yet after one look I knew that I knoooow Amy Lee. Everybody knooows an "Amy Lee:...and no I don't mean the frontwoman for Evanescence, I mean like in "Amy Lee" in a more generic fashion.

Who is this Amy Lee you ask? Well, like I said, everyone knows her. Everyone knows or has known an Amy Lee in their lifetime, specifically around the time they were in high school or college.

Amy Lee, you see, is The Happy Asian. Amy Lee is the always cheerful girl in school who is always willing to help out, be friendly, and causes no drama. Amy Lee is that girl in school who is cute in a weird sorta way. Amy Lee is not hot, but she's definitely not ugly. Amy Lee is cute in a friendly sorta way.

While Amy Winehouse does horse tranquilisers, Amy Lee does study groups. Think about it for a second, this concept of the Happy female Asian is not as fabricated as it sounds....think about that Happy Asian girl you once were friends with and how the following faux quotes/comments seem eerily appropriate:
  • "...that Amy Lee, she once made me Raman Noodles when I fell sick during mid-terms..."

  • "...Amy Lee once drove me to the DMV on a Saturday morning to get my license..."

  • "...Amy Lee has the best lecture notes..."

  • "...ohmygosh, so last Friday some of my friends and Amy Lee went out to the Calpyso, that new Caribbean/Soul-food place that opened up off campus and Amy Lee totally had this great idea about getting hot chocolate afterwards..."

  • "...Amy Lee totally loves playing co-ed ultimate frisbee for intra-murals!"

  • "...I can't believe Amy Lee totally made all these posters for the new freshman during activities week..."
See I told you. We all know an Amy Lee.

The problem is that like many people in high school and college, Amy Lees drift away. It's not that they're bad people but often times they don't stay happy anymore. Usually years of maintaining a positive outlook and always being there for others brings a heavy toll as substance abuse and/or the East Village get the best of them...


Amy Lee said...

I find your post amusing and disturbing in a quintessential sort of way.

Shakes said...

oh my.

Shahnazzz said...

You might enjoy "The Grace Lee Project"