Friday, August 17, 2007

me & my harmonica

A few weeks ago I met up with my dad and he gave me some things my mom had packed from home. Basically it was frozen shrimp and some chicken. Home cooking is the best. But tucked along with those edible delights was another small surprise. A gift, if you will, from mom. Mom had packed....a harmonica. Yes, a harmonica...or as it is known south of the border, el mouth organ.

Several days later while talking to mom the issue of the harmonica came up. "Mom thanks for the food and the harmonica," I started, " but with regards to the harmonica, I appreciate it....but...and don't take this the wrong way... why did you get it for me?"

Mom's reply was one for the ages:

1) "I know you like music and I thought you could make something of I figured maybe you could learn how to play it and sing Indian songs with it."
2) "Also you know the harmonica is an instrument that you have to blow on, so it will be good lung exercise"

Epic. Simply epic. My mom wants me to sing Indian songs with my harmonica. I nearly burst out laughing when I heard this one.

I can't make this stuff up. While this is extremely sweet you gotta admit it's a bit odd. Let's be clear here, while my mom's faith in my musical prowess is touching, it's not like I'm a singer-songwriter in English...let along in Hindi.

Needless to say I haven't exactly learned to play Indian songs to my harmonica (it was unclear whether I'd be singing original songs or merely covers). But I sorta felt like I'd be disappointing mom if the harmonica went to waste. Thus instead I have tried to bond with my harmonica and took pictures of it in everyday situations. So below are pictures of my adventures with my new shiny harmonica:

Ahhh...rise and shine with my new harmonica

Shower-time with my harmonica.

Driving to the mall with my new harmonica

The harmonica is getting a little wild and crazy by sticking it's mouth piece out of the window. This oddly creates a natural harmonica noise as the wind blows through it.

Walking to mall with my harmonica

Spotting a Maybach (retail value: $335k) in the parking lot

Going down the mall escalator with my harmonica.

After a long day the harmonica needs some time to unwind.

Yes, these are my adventures in life...and yes I mailed these pics to mom... and no she didn't kill me.


witnee said...

Does your Harmonica have a name???

Anonymous said...

ive been reading your blog for a while now, this is one of the best post ever!
classic shakes!

Shakes said...

awww. thanks for that. that means a lot to me. i sorta wonder if i should keep on writing sometimes and that makes me feel happy.

and to witnee, no my harmonica does not have a name. it is not about to give in to your restrictive "name" paradigms.

Scott Fritzen said...

Hey, were you in UC ??

Shakes said...

yup yup. marooon love