Saturday, August 18, 2007

his name rhymes with "Shmeckham"...(Galaxy 4, New York 5)

Not too shabby for a night: 9 goals, one 2 goal deficit comeback, almost 70,000 people, and some English dude had 2 assists and played the full match and nearly sparked a bench brawl.

But you know what remains to be the toughest part about getting tickets?....reading the stupid encrypted verification word or pass code thingy on Ticketmaster. First of all I can barely read what the letters even say....I'm not sure if that means that encryption is soooo good or that its ultra crappy....and once you're able to decipher the letters I have no clue what the words even mean.

To be honest with you I'm not even sure if some of them are real words. I think I did pretty okay on my SAT's many moons back and I stare at that stupid box and am like "what is that little fucker?" I often curse in my inner thoughts. Usually of course you log onto Ticketmaster because some show/game just went on sale and you're pressed for time before it sells out which makes the whole thing a lot more stressful. More stressful than the SAT's.

I mean with the SAT's you just had the culmination of all your life's work being represented by a simple number which will invariably affect which college you get into and any job and the standing of your family that you may have in 20-30 years. With Ticketmaster you have the possibility of getting to see a soccer game in 2 weeks in the nosebleeds or on the lower deck. I think we can all see that the game is much more important.