Wednesday, August 22, 2007

go speed racer

Okay so maybe it's not the fast and furious, but sometimes my life does get an interesting element of danger in it. While driving home I spotted another fellow Acura driver who looked like they wanted to have a go (plus after noticing we had the same model, they tried to pass me up).

Over the next 20 miles in monsoon rains we raced down the 78 East at speeds that hit triple digits for only a few of those miles but were probably not safe for bad weather.... or for...or for good weather.... or for taking pics with the camera phone to memorialize the occassion.

The winner? Well let's just say the Black Acura was done in by the oldest speed racing enemy in the not the cops... their lack of an EZ Pass. The winner and still champion: me.


The Grouch said...

bitch. i just paid a 325 ticket plus trafic school for trying to get from sfo to lax in under 4h on 101.

Shakes said...

hahah. wait a second, how on earth could you make it that fast? i've heard of 5.5hrs as being the fast were u going?

The Grouch said...

*trying to get*

i was pulled over at Greenfield. smug little bastard too. . I-5 is much faster though. the trucks are easier to game.