Tuesday, August 7, 2007

four boroughs and one kickball game

[warning: another poignant touchy feely post below]

My work adventures took a glorious twist as I spent the day volunteering to paint a mural at school in the Bronx. The noteworthy events included:
  • Nearly doing a Super 5....we traveled through four boroughs during our bus ride from downtown Manhattan. For whatever reason our driver felt the need to go through Brooklyn and Queens en route to the Bronx...which is akin to telling someone traveling from LA to Chicago that a stop-off in Detroit is the most logical thing to do
  • I had a 10-year old kid tell me while I was taking a snack break (it was easily over 100 degrees on the asphalt) that if I don't eat apples I'll get fat
  • Being challenged by a group of kids to a game of kickball. Sometimes the best way to increase your own self-esteem is by destroying people who are half your size and age.
  • Being challenged by 3 kids to run a relay race. The race helped teach me that children of ages and background are a bunch of cheaters, as one of the kids cut me off in my lane
  • Having a 11-year old kid tell me that his real worry everyday is to not get shot
I don't need a 7 hour community service day to teach me how lucky I am, but it's good to be reminded once in a while that there are lots of people who would feel blessed to have the problems in your life.

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