Friday, August 24, 2007

Anze Kopitar in 2008

People often stop me on the street and say "Hey Shakes, you're a nice looking person." Well that's neither here nor there, I just thought it's an important fact to bring out.

No but seriously, other people stop me on the street and say "Hey, I like your sassy writing style, but answer me this, are hockey players ever the subject matter of graffiti and if so does it happen in LA?"

It's a valid question. It's an important one too.

The answers, to the best of my knowledge are a resounding yes and yes.

Anze Kopitar's the LA King's star winger has had his likeness tagged in and around LA lately. You can see the tagging stencil in the picture above, where it's Kopitar face inside the King's logo Having a cult athlete honored in this fashion is sorta like this odd phenomenon that happened when I was in college where these Andre The Giant stickers could be found placed around campus in odd places (e.g. under stairwells, in the medieval poem section in the book stacks where ugly people hooked up in the library, etc.) . Oh well.

Now as much as I may have a man-crush on the guy I gotta admit that he's not the prettiest person in the world... I mean he's no Mackenzie Crook (aka the most awkward looking man in the history of the world aka Gareth from the British version of "The Office") but still...

All I know is that if you're a European guy on skates and people are tagging your face around town, that means you've arrived.

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